Rules and regulations

  1. The customer chooses and orders courses on the website. The customer receives a confirmation of a successful order.
  2. We recommend that you choose a time frame for the phone lessons. Teachers are available between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. (if not discussed individually). If the customer does not specify his or her desired daily time frame, the teacher will call him or her at any time within the above times.
  3. The study materials will be emailed to the customer for free.
  4. Telf Service – teaching by telephone – begins every Monday.
  5. If the customer chooses the time frame for the course, either on the website or on the phone number 773 885 885, it is considered binding for the duration of subscription, i.e. 5 weeks.
  6. The customer can change the scheduled time on the phone number 773 885 885 or by email: The new schedule becomes valid 24 hours from receipt of the customer´s request. In the meantime, the existing schedule is still valid. The provider will try to keep lessons with the same teacher, although it cannot be guaranteed.
  7. The customer can call: 773 885 885 to cancel their lessons with immediate effect for part of the subscription period or the whole period. The cancellation fee for each cancelled lesson is 20 CZK.
  8. The customer is required to report any schedule change, suspension or termination of the course directly to the provider (773 885 885 or Other changes cannot be taken into account.
  9. The Telf service includes two attempts to call the customer each day. If the customer fails to answer the second phone call, teaching in a given day shall be forfeited without compensation or refund.
  10. The customer has the option to order a third attempt to call him or her on 773 885 885 or . This extension of this service costs 175 CZK for the subscription period, i.e. 5 weeks.
  11. If the customer missed the phone call, he or she has the option of calling back, but with no guarantee that the teacher will be available and no reimbursement of the call.
  12. If the call fails due to the teacher, the customer is entitled to an alternate call or an extension of a later call.
  13. Any failed lessons must be compensated for by the end of the subscription period. If the customer fails to agree on compensation lessons with the teacher during the period of the subscription, missed lessons will be forfeited without further compensation or refund.
  14. If the customer is not satisfied with a teacher, he has the right to apply for a new one by calling 773 885 885 or emailing
  15. Discounts are not combinable with the free trial week.